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A Real Doctor

A Real Doctor

Injured? Are you in pain?

Call now. We’re the best.

Injured? Are you in pain?

Call now. We’re the best.

What can a real doctor do for you?







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Randy's story after a motorcycle accident

Shante’s story after a lifetime of back pain

Dave's story after being struck by a truck

Lisa's story after suffering from severe nerve pain


Christine Skiba

"His staff are equally delightful and caring with quick, efficient filling of paperwork to get insurance approvals, assisting with prescriptions and refills. I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Bennett and his staff for any of your pain management issues. His schedule is flexible and you can always get in to see the actual doctor not a nurse or PA."


Carmen Lawrance

"I’ve seen Dr. Bennett for almost a decade now. He’s given me my quality of life back. He’s amazing and so is everyone in the office! Dr.Bennett truly cares and goes above and beyond for his patients."


Kristi Short

"Dr. Bennett is the very best there is. I have had back pain on and off for 16 years. He listens, does thorough exams, and does not order a bunch of unnecessary tests. He has been able to get be back to my regular active lifestyle and I can go for years pain free (12 years from the last time!). If you are experiencing pain and want to see a doctor that truly understands, he is your guy."

About Our Practice

Back and neck pain, whether acute or chronic, are common conditions affecting people of all ages.

Since most people living with spine-based pain do not require surgery, Denver Pain and Spine emphasizes medical and minimally invasive therapies.

Our goal is to provide you the best treatment based on the latest medical research.

You are a part of our team

Excellent therapeutic outcomes begin with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Bennett utilizes interventional techniques (injections), electrodiagnostic studies, and radiologic imaging (coupled with a thorough history and physical examination) to help you reach a diagnosis and map out an effective treatment plan.

No injury is the same. Your treatment is individualized because no person or injury are identical.

We focus on your function and ability to do the things you want to be able to do.

Get in touch with Denver Pain and Spine to schedule your initial consultation.* Dr. Bennet will target the location of your injuries and help you understand what causes the pain while you heal from your injuries.


-Alleviate Pain

-Heal Tissue

-Reduce Inflammation

-Restore Mobility

-Improve Joints

-Decrease Tightness

How We Can Assist

-Commercial Trucking Accidents

-Find an attorney

-Save money

-Recover from injury

-Auto Accident

-Motorcycle Injury

Denver Pain and Spine

Denver Pain and Spine offers the most comprehensive evaluation and non-invasive/interventional treatment of spine-related disorders and injuries.

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